Present Existence

ARTIST: Gill Shreeve

Conditions of Present Existence brings together new projected image, photographs and sculptural drawing experiments by Gill Shreeve.

“My work responds to the presence and energy of our wayfinding, the flux of transitioning between inner and outer worlds, between mind and matter. I am interested in what we make of the world, rather than what we find in the world.

I think about creating a dynamism within a space, between the sites, situations of making and viewing. I am interested in a space that opens up between these two situations.

During 2020 I have been reading George Kubler’s ‘Shape of Time’. In his book he talks about The Propagation of Things and ‘the familiar delay between discovery and application... in every field of knowledge...’ which I’ve found to be very meaningful both in thinking about my work and within the context of the current pandemic”.

Conditions of 28th Oct – 7th Nov 2020