2nd Year Fine Art students at Newcastle University have collaborated to produce BLUE LIGHT. An online exhibition formed of 4 unique virtual exhibitions featuring paintings, sculptures, memes, gifs, and miscellaneous internet shite. You can access these by clicking the images at the bottom of this page.

For BLUE LIGHT, the artists were given the tools to co-produce an online exhibition in the spirit of, ‘here, do something’. This was done with the understanding that the outcome was not necessarily as important as the process of being and working together…albeit virtually.

The artists each brought their own material to work with, and then were randomly allocated into four groups to produce…something. In this, the artists were challenged to combine a multitude of disparate ideas and imagery.

The result could had easily been a hot mess. However, using a range of ingenuity and playfulness, the range of responses reflect the open-ended and collaborative nature of the process.

Best viewed on a desktop. Enjoy!

Text by:
Dan Goodman and Holly Herring

Produced by:

India Arkin, Giulia Ausenda-Stanford, Julia Bamber, Georgia Brooks, Ines Buchanan, Heidi Carter, Jemima Cecil, Ellie Denton, Holly Herring, Amy Jowett, Ux Kapdee, Helena Koukouvitaki, Oscar Robinson, Isobel Smart, Oisin Stanley-Stephenson, Elliot Teal, Issy Tessier, Madeleine Wynne

Curated by:
Dan Goodman

Background design by:
Eve Cromwell

Web support:
George Stewart

Special thanks to Will Stockwell for inspo with 3rdWAVE