blossom into sensible and colourful for full stop And perhaps <comma>  then <comma>  one should descend beneath the clothes dash one should perhaps reach the flesh itself <comma>  and then one would see that in some cases even the body itself turns its own utopian power <comma>  the body turns its own utopian power against itself <comma> allowing all the space of the religious and the sacred <comma>  all the space of the other world <comma> all the space of the counter world <comma> to enter into the space that is reserved for it so the body <comma>  then <comma>  in its materiality <comma> in its flesh <comma> would be like the product of its own phantasms full stop after all <comma> isn’t the body of the dancer precisely the body dilated along an entire space that is both exterior and interior to it question mark [And the]

Produced and Curated by: Helena Koukouvitaki // Oscar Robinson // Issy Tessier // Madeleine Wynne